Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command (MAGTFTC)/Marine Corp Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC)

The Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command, or MAGTFTC for short, trains United States Marines in a live fire setting in fields related to combat preparation, urban warfare, integrated operations and operational forces readiness at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, or MCAGCC, located in Twentynine Palms, California. The combat center is one of the largest of it's kind in all of the United States and trains countless brave young men and women to defend our nation. It's unique location offers unparalleled advantages and allows the United States to best prepare it's brave soldiers for any situation that they may find themselves in. Everything from combat simulations, ballistics testing, logistics evaluation and leadership training takes place in the local Marine Base, just down the road from Twentynine Palms.

Though the MAGTFTC/MCAGCC chief goal is to train and prepare today's, and tomorrow's, soldiers to protect the United States, the Base is also committed to promoting the local community. This holiday season the Base has been caught up in the festivities, hosting special Marine shopping days and golfing in an annual tournament to promote the United States Marine Corps's Toys for Tots initiative. The annual Toys for Tots toy drive collects new toys to distribute to less fortunate kids during the holiday season. Since it's start in 1991, the program has distributed close to 100 million toys-and counting. The Marine Base hosts local simulation days, frequent homecoming celebrations for returning marines and supports local cub scout and boy scouts troops. It would seem that the Marine's commitment to protecting our nation is matched only by their commitment to the local, Twentynine Palms community.