TwentyNine Palms

Well over a century ago the desert oasis of Twentynine Palms was discovered by Gold Miners seeking to profit and prosper in the west. To this day Twentynine Palms remains a haven for desert travelers and those who make the city their home. Encompassing a wide variety of interests, the city offers everything from a quiet refuge, an adventure in the Wild West environment and a family friendly environment all nearby. For to this day the city of Twentynine Palms remains true to the nature in which it was discovered; an oasis in the vast expanses of beautiful desert.

Named for the Twentynine Palms trees that dotted the city when it was first discovered, the trees still stand as a testament to the natural beauty and bravery that surrounds and is fostered by the Twentynine Palms community. Diversity is spread throughout the town in the same way that fronds are on the palms that lay scattered throughout the town as citizens of this historic city range from artist to soldier. Twentynine Palms is world renown for the murals that decorate everything from the sides of buildings to the numerous art galleries spread throughout the town. Artists inspired by the natural beauty of the town and the nearby Joshua Tree National Park can't help but express themselves, and the city truly benefits. Also located in Twentynine Palms is the Marine Corp Air Ground Combat Center, perhaps a contrast to the artistic aspect of the city but equally vital and beneficial. The only training facility of it's kind in the United States, Twentynine Palms houses the training center that allows our nation's troops to remain the most elite in the world, by providing them with vast expanses in which to train, simulate and experience firsthand, before going to war. The Marine Corp is very conducive to the strong community found in Twentynine Palms, as they support annual Christmas Toy Drives, local Scouting programs, and host a variety of community events. While the artists of the city work to make the town aesthetically pleasing, the Marine Corp endeavor to make the community strong. The result is truly magnificent.

The city is not merely an enclave of artists or the training ground for our countries finest. The city has more than enough to offer any interests. The town is only minutes from some of the finest hiking, camping and mountain biking in the world, in Joshua Tree National Park. Only a short drive away are everything from shopping to fine dining in nearby Palm Springs; the amenities of a large city are within easy reach. The youthful city (median age is 24 years old) has adapted to be a family-friendly, fun town, boasting a strong education system, skatepark, movie theater and all of the necessities that conducive to an enjoyable childhood. Not only is Twentynine Palms a breathtaking place to live, it is also a great place to settle down, weather it be to retire among some of the finest desert scenery or to raise a family.

Whatever you may be looking for, it can be found in Twentynine Palms. This one-time frontier town is the perfect place to visit or to call home. Simply the experience will take your breath away.

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