Joshua Tree National Park

Bordering California's Mojave Desert and the Lower Colorado Desert, Joshua Tree National Park has gained worldwide acclaim for it's unforgettable scenery. Awe inspiring mountains, hypnotizing plains and the park's namesake Joshua Tree make the hiking, camping, mountain biking, climbing and sightseeing that can be done in the area some of the best in the world. Only a visit can give one a true understanding of the natural glory of the park, and it would take a lifetime to explore all that the rich environment has to offer.

Joshua Tree National Park has been lived on for over 5000 years, dating all the way back to the primitive Pinto culture. Various Native American Tribes, early homesteaders and cattle grazers all contributed to the cultural heritage of the region. The Park now boasts over 500 historical sites and has an on-site museum to preserve these cultures just as they were found, for posterity's sake. Though the land's rich natural resources once attracted Native Americans and early settlers, they now attract a new type of American; the tourist.

Each year over 1.25 million people visit the Park, and with good reason. Hiking and biking trails wander through red rock, bent trees and under blue skies. Sandstone and other sedimentary rocks provide for challenging rock faces to climb. At night the brilliant stars that can be seen from the high elevation of the National Park make camping in the Joshua Tree National Park one of the most peaceful and centering experiences in the world.

Joshua Tree National Park has something to offer any nature enthusiast. The vast expanse of land attracts millions of visitors every year, and is a gentle reminder of the ambivalent and expansive magnitude that is nature.

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